Monday, 24 August 2020 08:59

How to use cage to raise the survival rate of chickens?

In the current chicken industry, the chicken raising method has been greatly improved and changed compared with the past. The use of various types of poultry farming equipment for large-scale farming is a popular trend in the chicken industry, so many farmers are gradually transforming. The new farming method is a novice for each farmer, so what are the precautions for novice chickens, and what are the key points for large-scale farming?

1. Large-scale chicken raising should choose poultry breeding equipment: To achieve a large-scale farming model, automated poultry farming equipment is an indispensable foundation. There are many types of chicken equipment, and the work and functions that different types can accomplish are different. Therefore, farmers need to choose the chicken equipment that suits their needs according to their own needs and conditions. Generally, the necessary chicken equipment is: egg chicken cage, meat chicken cage, drinking water equipment, ventilation and cooling equipment, cleaning equipment, feeding equipment and other chicken raising equipment.

2. Master the use of each type of equipment: Most poultry farming equipment is a mechanized equipment that requires skilled operation to achieve better results and efficiency. Therefore, when choosing to purchase equipment, farmers must learn from the manufacturer and understand the use of each poultry farming equipment and the role of the operating buttons. In addition, the life of chicken equipment is very long. In order to ensure efficiency, farmers should pay attention to the maintenance methods of learning equipment, and regularly maintain and repair chicken equipment to ensure normal use.

3. To do a good job in chicken farm immunization: immunization should pay attention to Newcastle disease, flu, and spread the disease, and blastocyst is more suitable for hatchery immunization. The immune effect is more reliable with eyedrops, nasal drops, subcutaneous injections, and sprays. There are still many immune holes and problems in drinking water, but many chicken farms are just accustomed to drinking water immunity, which is easy to save.

4. Configure the feed according to the nutrition standard: Only the chickens can reach the standard feed nutrition to ensure the normal growth and survival rate of the chickens. Therefore, farmers should choose reasonable feed ingredients according to the nutritional needs of different stages of the chicken, and pay attention to the quality of the feed. Feed ingredients require fresh and mold-free, pay attention to the storage of feed.

5. Do a good job of ventilation in chicken houses and chicken cages: ammonia gas, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the chicken house will seriously affect the health of the chickens and reduce the survival rate of the chickens. Reasonable and effective ventilation can remove the harmful gases from the house and remove the fresh air from the house. Therefore, the ventilation of the house is very important. Especially when feeding in winter, farmers should not think about heat preservation, not only to prevent cold insulation, but also to pay attention to ventilation.

The above is what the poultry farming equipment that the author needs to prepare for the intensive chicken raising for the majority of farmers. These equipments are relatively common and commonly used, which can effectively help the farmers to improve the efficiency of raising chickens and reduce the manpower of raising chickens. Material resources are very popular among farmers.