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 To create a modern poultry farm, we need not only modern chicken farming  equipment, but also modern farming philosophy.


Modern chicken equipment includes: battery cage system for sale, feeding equipment, dung cleaning equipment, drinking water equipment, egg collection equipment, ventilation equipment and so on. How to deal with the dust attached to these devices?

Because dust in the air can adhere to the chicken farming equipment, livestock fan blades. The airflow will be obstructed. This will reduce the air volume and efficiency of livestock fans or cause excessive vibration due to uneven shedding of attachments and attachments. Its treatment measures are:

Choose blade forms that do not adhere to dust, such as inverted blades. Take steps to remove attachments.



The method of removing the attachment of chicken farming equipment is as follows:

  1. Chicken equipment should be cleaned with water regularly and intermittently.
  2. Accessories can be partially removed using a mechanical device.
  3. Temperature difference is formed between hot air and cold air.
  4. Method of spraying powder particles.


The above is the method of how to deal with the dust of chicken equipment shared by poultry equipment manufacturers, which can be used as a reference. Its longitudinal ventilation effect is good, can eliminate and overcome the transverse ventilation dead Angle and wind speed in the room is small and uneven phenomenon, at the same time to eliminate the possibility of cross infection between chicken houses.


In hot summer, fans and wet curtains in automatic poultry equipment in South Africa are loved by many poultry farmers. So how to use them reasonably so that the chicken coop has a better cooling effect?


Most people think that the greater the negative pressure of the fan, the higher the wind speed, the better the cooling effect in hot days. It's not. We confused the inlet wind speed with the cross section wind speed. When the negative pressure is large, the wind speed of the air inlet is high, and the wind entering from the small window is easier to go to the center of the chicken battery cages for layers.



What really affects the cooling effect is the wind speed behind the fan. That is, the cross-section wind speed is determined by the fan and the cross-section area. The larger the fan, the smaller the cross section area and the higher the cross section wind speed. If the negative pressure is too large, it will affect the exhaust effect of the fan. This affects cooling.


Therefore, for the purpose of cooling down, please adjust the air inlet and lower the negative pressure appropriately. Think of ways to increase the wind speed in the chicken battery cages properly. Thus improving the cooling effect.


The water curtain in the automatic poultry equipment mainly absorbs heat through the gasification of water to reduce the air temperature. A change in water temperature has a much smaller effect on air temperature than the conversion of water to steam.


Lower water temperature, the cooling effect of the water curtain will be relatively better. But the way the curtain is used is the key to better cooling than the water temperature. Like sealing the leak spots in the chicken battery cage system. Clean the water curtain inlet pipe in advance to avoid blockage. And the application of good fan and intake wind speed and so on.

Summer is coming, for the use of poultry farming equipment to carry out intensive chicken project for farmers. Cooling measures need to be on the agenda. As they prepare to cool down in the summer. It can guarantee the healthy growth of chickens to a certain extent.



  1. Spray water inside to cool down

It is relatively simple to do the cooling work of the hen house with fully automatic layer cage equipment. Cooling treatment can be achieved by spraying water to cool the temperature. For example, in the summer evening to the top of the breeding equipment and the body of water. At the same time, with the use of fan, increase ventilation. The comprehensive utilization and organic combination of automatic chicken raising equipment can cool down well.


  1. Improve your surroundings

From the environment around the chicken farm. Trees and grass can be planted around the egg-cage facilities. Such as planting some tall trees. They affect ventilation and provide shade from direct sunlight. Planting lawn can also absorb a lot of heat, avoid the summer high temperature sunlight reflected into the chicken farm.


  1. Buy poultry farming equipment

Conditional chicken farm can match the fan water shade on form a complete set. The cooling effect is even more significant. To make sure the chicken farm is not too hot. So much so that it affects production and the health of chickens.



These are the main cooling measures for intensive chicken farms shared by chicken farm equipment manufacturers. With the arrival of summer, poultry farmers need to cool down their chicken farm. I hope the above three ways to share can help poultry farmers can better cool down the chicken farm.

Chicken house is a necessary poultry farming equipment for raising chickens. More and more farmers are aware that if daily disinfection measures are not in place, once a sick chicken appears in the chicken house, the virus can quickly spread, causing serious losses. So what is the correct disinfection method of chicken equipment? How should give chicken house disinfection, avoid broiler cross infection of pathogens, the following small make up simple to share with you, I hope to help you.


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First of all, clean up the dirt in the chicken farm site and items, clean up the dust and dirt with a broom.

Wipe with detergent and disinfectant. The prepared disinfectant solution is sprayed to disinfect the chicken farm environment, cage tools, equipment and roads. Fumigation is the treatment of disinfectants to produce bactericidal gases to destroy pathogens, such as formalin potassium permanganate, peracetic acid and so on.

Put some small equipment and utensils in disinfection pool, soak disinfection with liquid medicine, such as egg dish, test equipment, etc. The use of flame thrower to the chicken house walls, ground, net, battery poultry cages and other flame spray disinfection using biological methods to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, the accumulation of chicken manure fermentation.

Only by paying attention to the hygiene of the equipment in daily breeding and providing a clean production environment for broiler chickens can we ensure the healthy and rapid growth of broiler chickens and bring good profits.


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Raising chickens requires not only physical labor, but also technical labor. With the gradual expansion of breeding scale, the requirements of epidemic control, temperature control, food control and egg collection are getting higher and higher. So it's a lot of work, a lot of hassle. The use of poultry farming equipment can make chicken farms become effortless, why say?


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First of all, poultry equipment can carry out disinfection work. Disinfection is divided into before and after entering the column. When our chicken house is built, we should carry out careful elimination work, so as to ensure that the chickens are not infected by bacteria when entering the pen. In the breeding process of chicken manure, water, people into the chicken farm will breed or bring bacteria, so the chicken coop should be regularly disinfected. After the market, but also seriously sterilization, so as to reduce the impact of bacteria on the chicken.

Secondly, poultry farming equipment can carry out epidemic prevention work. We all know that a batch of chickens to have many times of epidemic prevention work, large farms of thousands of chickens, if relying on artificial to do epidemic prevention work is a very huge project, but also in and out of the hen house will bring bacteria, and fully automated chicken equipment can control the number of chickens immunization dose, do a good job of epidemic prevention.

Furthermore, the chicken equipment can control the temperature. Incubation of eggs, growth of chicks and improvement of single rate of laying hens all need specific temperature. Artificial temperature control will have temperature deviation due to the change of four seasons, while battery chicken cage in Zimbabwe has temperature setting function, which can keep constant temperature to make chickens grow quickly and lay eggs effectively.

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Chicken farm is the need to raise chicken equipment, which is very important to the development of breeding industry. Automatic chicken raising equipment is a general term for special machinery, tools and internal facilities used in the production process of chicks, breeders, broilers and layers. So how do chicken farms use chicken equipment to raise chickens? What is the process? The following small make up simple to share with you, I hope to help you.


How to raise chickens using automated chicken raising equipment? – Chicken  Raising Technology


1, The construction of chicken coop: breeding equipment of the chicken house and the past is different open house. When the house are closed and the environmental controls of the coops need to be adjusted by the equipment, the coops are not affected by the external weather and environment, so that the chickens are always in the right environment and the farmer can get better benefits.


2, Automatic chicken raising equipment selection is appropriate. When farmers choose equipment, they need to choose a reasonable chicken farm equipment according to the number of chickens they raise and their actual situation. There are many types of equipment, different equipment has different roles, farmers often choose equipment is: layer chicken cages, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, feces cleaning equipment, egg picking equipment and fan wet curtain.


3. Choose a reliable chicken. When selecting chickens, the health and quality of chickens are related to the survival rate of chickens, and can also determine the quality of adult chickens, directly affecting the benefit. Therefore, farmers need to strictly control the quality of chicken, do not covet the cheap chicken with disease.


4. Scientific breeding. Farmers should manage broilers according to their growth stage. Egg and broilers are generally divided into three growth stages. Farmers should adjust the feeding points, nutrient ratio and feed content according to these three different stages, and scientifically feed them to meet the growth needs and standards of egg broilers and make them grow healthily.


5. Do a good job in immunization. To avoid disease, immunization is needed. In addition, the density and number of chickens raised in breeding facilities are so high that immunization is needed to prevent infectious diseases that affect the health of chickens and the cost and economic benefits of farmers. When making immunization plans and methods, farmers should make reasonable immunization plans and methods according to local epidemic situation and vaccination diseases. In the selection of vaccines, we should pay attention to the selection of regular manufacturers and national certification of vaccines, and correct operation.


6, Regular ground disinfection chicken farming equipment. There are many pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house. Regular and reasonable disinfection can eliminate the pathogenic microorganisms in the equipment and reduce the risk of infection in chickens. It is also an effective measure to prevent disease. Farmers should regularly disinfect and clean the chicken house before disinfecting. In addition, farmers should pay attention to the disinfection of broilers after slaughter to avoid residual pathogenic microorganisms affecting the health of the next batch of chickens.


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Anyone who has built chicken farm in Nigeria knows that the most limited consideration for a chicken farm is ventilation. Ensure that the ventilation of the chicken farm is as expected. It's important to ventilate chickens, so how do you ventilate chicken farm using battery cage system in Nigeria?


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  1. Use a fan, one of the automatic chicken raising equipment. The ventilation of the hen house should ensure that the sealing of the hen house is good. If it is found that the chicken house air leakage needs to be repaired in time, so as not to affect the effect of ventilation.
  2. The ventilation of the chicken house should ensure that the number of chickens and the battery cage system to be used match. In this way, the ventilation of the chicken coop is better.
  3. When using poultry equipment to ventilate the chicken house, ensure that the fan and the water curtain match each other. Otherwise, the cold air in the fan could easily blow the chickens. Cause cold stress in the chickens.
  4. Pay attention to observe the situation of chickens when using automatic chicken equipment for ventilation in the chicken farm. You can't just look at what's displayed on the device. But to judge the comfortable temperature of chickens according to their body temperature and specific performance.


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In chicken farm, what is the most headacheful thing of raiser? Needless to say, it's the manure, which is a hassle to deal with, especially in large-scale farming. And if the treatment is not enough, it will cause certain harm to the breeding environment and the surrounding environment. And it will also cause certain impact on the chickens, and seriously cause livestock diseases. The emergence of the manure cleaning system in the automatic poultry farm equipment has solved this big trouble for the chicken farm. So what are the advantages of using the manure cleaning machine?


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With the help of automated manure removal systems, you can save up to 90% of the time or labor after livestock manure dries. Multi-level power transmission, increase friction, powerful function. Automatic expansion scraper, board position adjustable. The friction is very small. It can clean up the manure in the chicken house very well. The host initiator can run 1-4 scraper, the longest scraper stroke is 140 meters, and the silk and cotton traction rope is optional. 

The weight sensor of the manure cleaning machine's electronic load is measured using a coordinated chicken house manure volume with ten dry channels, thus eliminating manure, conveyor belt and dry conveyor belt speed.


About the use of manure cleaning machine: this machine is widely used in battery chicken cages feeding on-line removal of poultry feces can also be used to collect the material of the factory workshop production line. Scraper hot dip galvanized steel plate, strong corrosion resistance, advanced technology, reasonable design, durable.

Chicken equipment electric manure machine has now become a magic weapon in the hands of chicken farmers, chicken coop sanitary conditions depend on it.

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