Monday, 16 July 2018 08:18

Master the six Points to Give Chickens Drugs

Drug prevention is an important aid for the prevention of epidemic diseases in chicken farms. It can prevent the increase of feeding costs when you put much funds into poultry cages for sale, the strengthening of pathogenic resistance, the dependence of chickens and the drug residues of meat and eggs products, so as to avoid the breeding benefits. For this reason, the following characteristics should be mastered when preventing drug administration.

Stages--Some diseases have specific susceptibility to age, season of onset, or conditions. According to this rule, targeted medication should be used to achieve the desired effect with half the effort.
TimelinesThe opportunity of drug use is very important, and the disease is generally effective in the initial stage of infection in the germination stage accuracy.
Accuracy - At present, there are many kinds of drugs, and there are many kinds of drugs available for the same kind of diseases, but the effect will be different for a specific flock. Therefore, the drug sensitivity test should be done again, and the history of the chickens and the experience of the breeder should be used in your chicken farm equipment of chicken waterer supplies.