Thursday, 25 November 2021 09:24

Features of modern poultry farming equipment layer cages

With the acceleration of the industrial process, the use of mechanization in all walks of life is becoming more and more popular. The utilization rate of automatic poultry farming equipment in large and medium-sized farms has generally increased. Because the advantages of automatic poultry equipment have been discovered by major farmers.

The layer cage system raises chickens, and farmers do not need to worry about the chicken house. Because it can realize automatic feeding, water supply, manure removal, egg collection, ventilation and so on. To a certain extent, labor is liberated and production costs are reduced.

For example, the automatic feeding machine can realize uniform feeding, and the operation is simple and fast. The amount of feed can be adjusted according to the growth stage and age of the chickens, and manual ratio and sorting are no longer required.



The automatic feeding machine in the laying hen breeding equipment adopts a feeding system that combines three-dimensional feeding ratio and horizontal conveying, which almost realizes the mechanization of feeding. As long as the automatic feeding equipment is simple and familiar, the automatic feeding can be completed. The requirements for staff need not be too high.

Automatic manure removal equipment can ensure a good environment in the chicken house and reduce chicken diseases. The chicken manure will be automatically removed.

The above are the advantages and characteristics of using battery layer cages to raise chickens. It is hoped that through the above introduction, farmers can learn more about poultry farming equipment, apply them to poultry farms, and help farmers develop the poultry industry well.