Monday, 18 February 2019 07:13

Temperature control management of spring broiler breeding

The temperature difference between day and night in spring is large. It is necessary to pay attention to controlling the constant temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, the weight of the broiler will be affected. The weight of the chicks should be 4 times of 7 days after entering the house. If this standard is not met, it will affect the growth and development of broilers. If the temperature exceeds 38 ° C for more than 3 hours in the first week of brooding, it will affect the growth and development of the chicks.

(1) Temperature control before chicks enter the poultry farming cages.

Be sure to fully pre-warm the brooding room, preferably more than 12 hours in advance, to keep the temperature of the air, floor and wall of the house consistent. In production practice, the temperature of brooding is not up to standard. Although the temperature in the air has reached the required level, the ground temperature is still relatively low. It is easy to appear cold on the second day after entering the chick. Although it can be adjusted, the late chicks tend to The intestinal tract is not good.

(2) Pay attention to temperature control during immunization.

Every immunization should control the temperature, preferably 2 ° C ~ 3 ° C higher than usual, due to the weak immunity of the body during immunization, it is easy to infect mycoplasma or E. coli disease, so during this period the house should be suitable temperature.