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The most important thing in laying hens is the egg production rate. 60 years ago, the social demand for eggs increased rapidly, and the high mortality of free-range chickens and chickens could not meet the needs of the society. So the trend of using battery chicken cages for laying hens to breed chicken began.


With the advancement of technology, automatic chicken raising equipment is now very popular. Modern chicken cage systems in use today are clean, automated and efficient. Modern sheds include automatic feeding, drinking, climate control maintained at 23°C, ventilation, lighting, and manure and egg collection. This efficient system allows farmers to optimize conditions for bird health and produce eggs at relatively low cost.


In addition, the use of laying hen cages allows chickens to be well protected, not only to avoid the invasion of animals, but also to avoid the invasion of pathogens.



The length of the battery chicken cages is generally 1,800 square centimeters to 11,000 square centimeters. Chickens can move freely, drink water and eat in this space. Because the trough is next to the iron mesh of the chicken cage. And there are two drinking nipples in a chicken cage, which can supply sufficient water for chickens at any time.


Layer cages are sometimes referred to as battery hen cages. Because parallel rows in poultry cages using automated chicken equipment look a bit like rows of batteries within a battery. Over the years, caged egg farming has attracted the approval of most poultry farmers. The hens are well cared for in the chicken coop, and can achieve free drinking water, eating, and a good living environment brought by the automated manure removal system and automated environmental control system.


The technology of raising chickens in modern poultry cages is very mature. Its convenience is also recognized by many poultry farmers. If you are also interested or want to know more about automated chicken raising equipment, please follow me.

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