Chicken Farming Information for Chicken Breeds

Laying hen cages raise chickens. The growth cycle of laying hens is short and the stocking density is high. Farmers should pay special attention to the prevention of chickens. Doing a good job of disease defense can reduce the incidence of disease.


Farmers should develop immunization procedures. Farmers should be based on the local disease epidemic status. Find out what diseases have occurred in the area before or now. Farmers must focus on prevention. Develop a reasonable immunization program.


Buy high-quality vaccines. Whether the immunization is effective has a lot to do with the vaccine selected by the farmers. The quality of the vaccine is related to the effectiveness of the vaccine. Farmers should buy regular biological manufacturers. Also need to pay attention to the production date, shelf life and so on.


Note that sick chickens cannot be vaccinated. When farmers are conducting epidemic prevention, sick chickens cannot be immunized. If the farmers vaccinate the sick chickens, it will accelerate the death of the sick chickens. So vaccinate the sick chickens when they recover.


Avoid immune stress. In order to avoid stress during vaccination. Farmers should pay attention to the use of anti-stress drugs 4 to 5 hours before immunization when vaccinating with eye drops and nose drops. Avoid catching stress that causes the flock to die.


The above are some things that farmers should pay attention to when immunizing chickens in the process of raising chickens with the automatic chicken breeding equipment shared by the farmers.

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