Tuesday, 09 April 2019 07:46

What are the current models of raising chickens?

What are the current models of raising chickens? Chicken raising is a very old farming project, and now many people choose to engage in the chicken industry. Compared with raising pigs and raising cattle, raising chickens is relatively small, but raising chickens is not so easy. Today, the author will come to talk to you about the things you need to pay attention to before breeding. I hope that everyone can help.


1. Place

At present, it can be said that chickens are cultured all over the country, and it can be seen that the adaptability of chickens is also quite strong. There are two main methods of raising chickens now, one is caged and the other is free-range. The cage method is mostly suitable for large-scale farming, and the automated poultry raising equipment is easier to manage. With the method of free-range, the requirements for the site will be relatively high. For example, you can choose to raise chickens in forests or grasses. In addition, there should be water in places where chickens are raised, so that chickens have one. A better place to be active.



2. Preparation

After choosing a breeding ground, the next step is to build a chicken house. If it is caged chicken, the size of the chicken house is relatively large. Of course, the free-range is also to build the chicken coop, so that when the weather is bad or the chickens need to rest, they can provide a rest place for the chickens, while also paying attention to the safety next to them to prevent the emergence of natural enemies.

After you have prepared these, the next step is to buy the chicks, buy the good chickens in a regular place, and pick the chickens that are in good spirits, lively and disease-free.


3. Management

Before breeding chickens, the farmers must master the chicken farming techniques and daily management measures, especially sanitary cleaning, disinfection, feed matching, vaccines and so on. Once the management is not good, it is easy to cause problems, and in severe cases, the chickens will become sick and die.