Wednesday, 13 February 2019 07:25

What item does spring raise a chicken to need to notice?

In early spring, however, the climate is still cold and changeable, with the temperature fluctuating from high to low. In addition, the cold air and cold current bring a lot of diseases to chickens.And low rate of egg production, slow growth has become a common phenomenon in chicken.So what do you need to pay attention to in spring chicken farming?Today we summarized the following points, hope to help more chicken friends. the following authors to tell the majority of farmers to use the chicken cage system in spring Chicken's precautions.

1. Disinfection

Spring is the season that everything revives, the disease is no exception also, so spring disinfection is particularly important.

In early spring, when the temperature is low, the frequency of bacterial activity decreases, but the climate is still cold, and the resistance of chickens is generally weakened.So this time if neglect disinfection, extremely easy to cause disease outbreak epidemic, cause heavy loss.

Must take disinfection seriously so the job, cannot careless.

2. To keep warm

In early spring, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the weather changes quickly, which brings a lot of inconvenience to raising chickens. In particular, the influence of low temperature on chickens is very obvious, which makes them easy to catch cold.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, can be appropriate to increase the feeding density, close the doors and Windows, hanging straw curtain, drinking warm water and furnace heating and other ways to keep warm, with coal furnace warming to pay close attention to gas poisoning.

3. The ventilation

Ventilated it is the important item in raising a chicken!Keep the chicken coop fresh while keeping it warm.Proper handling of the relationship between heat preservation and ventilation is very important for raising chickens in spring.

Due to the low temperature and high feeding density in spring, the emphasis on the insulation of chicken coop often ignores the ventilation and ventilation, which easily leads to dirty air in the coop and a large number of bacteria breeding.Chicken inhaled carbon dioxide and other harmful gases for a long time, easy to cause e. coli disease, chronic respiratory disease and other diseases.So, ventilated cannot ignore.

4. Feed nutrition

Spring climate is changeful, the resistance of chicken is relatively weak, raise the nutrient level of feed accordingly crucial.

The protein content of chicken feed should be increased by 3%-5%, and the energy in the feed should be increased properly.At the same time feed should pay attention to supplement a variety of vitamins and trace elements, enhance the chicken body resistance.