Friday, 25 January 2019 08:58

Environmental management of chicken farms

Feed chickens should be well managed in the Poultry Equipment for Sale and in the chicken farm. The chicken houses are not connected to each other to avoid cross-infection between chickens and chickens. The farther away from other chicken-farming units, the better the risk of disease transmission.

All houses must be thoroughly cleaned with high-pressure faucets. All tools in the house, such as electric fans, brooms, etc., must be cleaned; ensure that chicken farm personnel are not in contact with the outside flocks.

All houses must be disinfected with a broad spectrum of anti-virus agents that kill important pathogens; chickens of the same age should be started from the healthiest chicken feathers (usually the smallest chickens) when they are raised in the same farm. Workers are not allowed to return to the chicken house from the big chicken house until the clothes and boots have been properly cleaned and disinfected;

It is found that dead chickens should be taken out of the house immediately and disposed of immediately; non-essential personnel are not allowed to enter the outside of the chicken farm and are not allowed to enter unless they are cleaned and disinfected.