Wednesday, 11 May 2022 06:46

Advantages of automatic manure removal system in poultry farm equipment

In chicken farm, what is the most headacheful thing of raiser? Needless to say, it's the manure, which is a hassle to deal with, especially in large-scale farming. And if the treatment is not enough, it will cause certain harm to the breeding environment and the surrounding environment. And it will also cause certain impact on the chickens, and seriously cause livestock diseases. The emergence of the manure cleaning system in the automatic poultry farm equipment has solved this big trouble for the chicken farm. So what are the advantages of using the manure cleaning machine?


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With the help of automated manure removal systems, you can save up to 90% of the time or labor after livestock manure dries. Multi-level power transmission, increase friction, powerful function. Automatic expansion scraper, board position adjustable. The friction is very small. It can clean up the manure in the chicken house very well. The host initiator can run 1-4 scraper, the longest scraper stroke is 140 meters, and the silk and cotton traction rope is optional. 

The weight sensor of the manure cleaning machine's electronic load is measured using a coordinated chicken house manure volume with ten dry channels, thus eliminating manure, conveyor belt and dry conveyor belt speed.


About the use of manure cleaning machine: this machine is widely used in battery chicken cages feeding on-line removal of poultry feces can also be used to collect the material of the factory workshop production line. Scraper hot dip galvanized steel plate, strong corrosion resistance, advanced technology, reasonable design, durable.

Chicken equipment electric manure machine has now become a magic weapon in the hands of chicken farmers, chicken coop sanitary conditions depend on it.

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