Saturday, 23 June 2018 02:28

How to Know The State of the Chicken Through Chicken Drinking Amount?

Water is an important source of life. It can promote the metabolic activity of chickens. It is an invisible important role. Usually, it can affect the growth rate of chickens, egg production rate, and whether it is healthy. Insufficient drinking water can cause the chicken's skin to dry up, the muscle stomach's inner layer to become soft or mushy, and when it is severe, it will dehydrate and die.

It is suggested that each house must be equipped with an electronic water meter and connected with the controller of the house so that it can monitor the daily drinking water situation, as well as the amount of drinking water during a certain time of the day. Good chicken equipment is equipped with a water meter on each water line, which can easily monitor the amount of water consumed by each flock in the house. We should collect and analyze this information every day to help improve the production performance of the flock. Take preventive measures. Drinking water nipples (the number of eggs and chickens and the amount of water output, the diameter of the water pipeline, etc., will all affect the amount of water the chicken drinks. Large-scale chicken farms must pay attention to the effects of too fine a drinking water regulator inlet line.