Friday, 07 August 2020 07:44

The advantages of automatic chicken breeding equipment

Chicken-raising equipment is one of the most critical feeding methods in current farms. This method is to breed layer hens in layer cages that are welded with alloy wires. According to the chicken breed and age, the overall plan for different types and specifications of chicken cages , Then it is equipped with large and medium-sized chicken raising equipment such as manure cleaning, feeding, egg picking, natural ventilation and temperature reduction. The key advantages of large and medium-sized chicken raising equipment are: increase the relative density of feeding, save concentrated feed, and reduce the waste of concentrated feed for chickens. For chicken flock disease prevention





1. Cage:

There are three types: layer chicken cage, broiler cages, and chick cages. Most of today’s farms are caged, and cages are used to feed convenient and save places. Separate cages can reasonably prevent diseases, improve the survival rate of chickens, and also Improved economic benefits.


2. Manure removal system software:

It is widely used in the removal of poultry excrement in cages. It can complete the intelligent management method. It can perform automatic and timing removal of manure. The actual operation is simple and convenient. It is fully automatic and manual to change at will. The use of chain track to remove manure is not only convenient for management There is no need for many workers, and the pig manure is accompanied by the operation of the chain track manure cleaner until the tail end falls into the manure removal belt and is sent to the manure truck to push away, which can improve the natural environment of the livestock house and reduce the occurrence of diseases.


3. Loading system software:

Automatic feeding machine specializes in the feeding of machinery and equipment of layer cages. The automatic feeding machine has a unique structure, novel and easy to use, cost-saving, well-proportioned feeding, and less loss. It is driven by a DC brushless motor, with low noise, The actual operation is convenient, it is convenient, the indoor space is small, and the maintenance is convenient. Therefore, it is very popular among the farms. Choosing a feeder not only saves time, but also liberates human resources. The feeder feeds immediately, safety, convenience, environmental protection and energy saving, no noise, small chicken response, and very convenient.


4. Egg collection machinery and equipment:

The essential machinery and equipment for large and medium-sized layer farms. The key function of the egg collector is to transport the raw eggs from the iron cage to an area to centralize, so that the workers who pick up the eggs do not need to walk around. Local picking is enough, reducing the human capital of egg pickers, but improving labor productivity, and thus achieving the actual effect of reducing costs.





5. Natural environment automatic control system:

The precise control system guarantees to save concentrated feed and reduce the consumption of kinetic energy. The actual operation of the mobile phone software on the page is very easy to manage. One computer terminal can manage multiple chicken sheds, and the comprehensive data information can be transmitted in real time. It can grow and develop in suitable temperature environment and humidity in all seasons, which greatly reduces the rate of chicken death.


6. Natural ventilation cooling system:

The natural ventilation cooling system includes a centrifugal fan wet curtain, and the whole process of cooling of the system software is carried out in its key "cooling water curtain paper". When the outdoor warm air is sucked by the centrifugal fan and enters the cooling water curtain covered with cooling circulating water, the cooling circulating water is converted from liquid to vaporized oxygen molecules, which digests and absorbs a lot of energy in the air and makes the gas temperature drop rapidly. After being mixed with the warm air in the room, it is discharged outside according to the industrial exhaust fan.