Wednesday, 29 July 2020 06:56

How to maintain chicken equipment

Chicken farming equipment is a unique mechanical equipment used in chicken farms to produce chickens, breeders, broiler chickens and laying hens. Today will introduce in detail how to maintain chicken equipment. Only by taking good care of your own stacked chicken battery cage equipment can you use it for a longer time and exert greater value.





1. The chick method of heating equipment exhaust duct is more suitable for large, medium and small chicken farms. Exhaust ducts should be constructed with bricks or adobe bricks. Large and medium-sized chick rooms can use long flue exhaust ducts, while smaller chick rooms can be used in the field to tightly surround the flue exhaust duct. When designing the exhaust duct, the diameter of the exhaust duct should be large, and the duct at the inlet and outlet of the soot should be gradually reduced to facilitate heating and the circulation system of the exhaust system to prevent the soot from flowing back.


2. Tower-free water supply equipment can use hanging tower type Fully automatic drinking water equipment breeding equipment. This type of drinking water equipment is hung from the suspended ceiling based on a rope and a camisole. The top water inlet pipe is connected with the main water pipe according to the plastic hose, and the seepage water is injected into the drinking water tray according to the pressure regulating valve, which is environmentally sanitary and saves water.


3. The breeding equipment is mainly the selected trough, and the long-pass trough is used for cage breeding.


4. Fluorescent lamps are commonly used as lighting fixtures at this stage. Many chicken farms install timers to automatically control the power switch of the system lights, instead of manual power switch lights to ensure the accuracy and reliable characteristics of the lighting fixtures. It can also be lit by fluorescent lights, which face the suspended ceiling, and reflect the light source to the road surface according to the suspended ceiling. The diffused light is gentle and symmetrical.


5. Egg laying machinery and equipment: Two-layer egg boxes can be used to feed broiler breeders or laying hens. In addition to feeding on a plan view, chickens are generally fed in overlapping or stepped iron cages. Most of the laying hens are kept in iron cages. Carrying out cage breeding and cage breeding can make flexible use of indoor space, increase breeding volume, help epidemic prevention, and save concentrated feed. A small feeding cage can set a curtain cloth at one end of the cage to block the chicks.