Friday, 22 June 2018 01:20

Attentions on Watching for Chicken Hatching

There are two kinds of hatching methods for chickens: one is natural hatching and the other is artificial hatching.

The natural incubation method, also known as the brooding chicken hatching method, is the simplest and most economical hatching method that is commonly used by farmers. In the incubation process, special care is not required and the hatching rate is also high. After chicks are hatched, they are led by hens and managed easily. However, this method also has a small amount of hatching, buns, seasonal restrictions and influence.

The Other Hatching Method

Preparation for artificial hatching. Artificial incubation must first prepare the electric incubator. The automatic electric incubator has an automatic temperature control and humidity control system, which can automatically turn eggs, ventilation, and water. Before hatching, it needs to be heated ahead of using, disinfected, hatched, sterilized and inspected. incubation.