Friday, 10 August 2018 02:04

Analysis on the Law of Laying Eggs in Laying Hens

The morning and evening of the peak of egg production is related to the feeding and management conditions in chicken farm equipment for sale. The higher the limit of feeding during the breeding period, the faster the peak appears. In the flocking period, the flocks that restricted the light, the peak of laying eggs appeared earlier than the flocks that did not limit the light during the breeding period. After reaching the peak of egg production, the egg production rate can generally reach 93% to 94%, and the highest can reach 95% to 97%, maintaining 3-4 weeks, and then decreasing by 0.5% to 1% per week, which is a steady decline; The egg production rate at 72 weeks of age can still be maintained at 65% to 70%. The extent of the new comprehensive technology for large-scale safe chicken raising is affected by genetic factors, and there are certain differences in varieties or strains. Poor feeding management, flocks suffering from stress, disease or high ambient temperature, the actual egg production rate declines weekly.
This period of final production is quite short. Although the pituitary gland still produces gonadotropin, the egg production rapidly declines until it can not form an egg. The laying of the female poultry has a certain periodicity, that is, a certain egg laying pattern can be repeated. It is manifested by the fact that the female produces an egg or produces several eggs in succession, and then stops production for one day or more in poultry battery cage.