Thursday, 30 December 2021 08:58

How to avoid poultry laying hens from pecking eggs?

It is believed that even poultry farms with good egg production conditions will have poultry pecking eggs. This can happen if the laying hens develop a bad habit of eating their own eggs.

Laying hens pecking eggs may be accidental. But once it becomes a habit and other hens learn, the amount of eggs collected will drop a lot. How can we prevent this? Or if eating eggs has become a problem, how can we solve it?



Poultry battery layer cages can prevent laying hens from pecking eggs. Why do you say this way?
  1. The poultry feeding system in the layer battery cage system ensures that your chickens get an adequate and balanced diet. The device distributes the feed evenly in the trough, and the amount of feed can be adjusted. In order to avoid waste of feed, there are feeding devices at both ends of the trough, which can feed back the feed. Feed trough. We recommend that you add protein and calcium materials to its feed so that every chicken will be full.
  2. The internal space of the battery chicken cages is sufficient. The poultry layer should not directly touch their eggs. The egg rolls smoothly onto the egg belt. The egg belt transports the eggs to the front of the cage. Then the eggs are transferred to a vertical egg elevator. The egg guides in the front of each floor guide the eggs to different positions of the elevator without collision. In this way, the chicken cannot touch the egg, and the possibility of pecking the egg will not happen again.

The above is the way to prevent laying hens from pecking eggs shared by poultry equipment manufacturers with many years of experience. I hope that it will be helpful to you.