Thursday, 23 December 2021 08:00

How to ensure high yield of poultry layer chicken cage

High-yield layers are the dream of every poultry farmer. The chickens living in poultry layer cages are more likely to have high yields. Because of the scientific and automated management, the chickens can lay eggs in a comfortable environment. 

  1. Reduce density: Layers have more feathers, and it is difficult to dissipate heat in summer, which makes them particularly afraid of heat. When the temperature gradually rises, farmers should reduce the density of chickens in time according to the temperature rise.
  2. Heatstroke prevention and cooling: The users of layer cages are mostly closed chicken houses, which are difficult to ventilate and dissipate heat by themselves. Therefore, farmers can use poultry ventilation systems to ventilate and cool the chicken houses.
  3. Ensure drinking water: Affected by high temperature, the water consumption of laying hens in summer is higher than that in other seasons. Farmers can use the automated water supply system in battery chicken cages, which can ensure adequate drinking water in summer.
  4. Scientific breeding: The feed intake of laying hens in summer will be affected by high temperature, so farmers should increase the content of various nutrients in the feed to ensure that they meet the nutritional standards for growth and production of laying hens. Laying hens.
  5. Strengthen epidemic prevention: The high temperature in summer is a good period for mosquito breeding. Mosquitoes and mosquitoes are a good way to spread diseases. Therefore, farmers must do a good job in disinfection and epidemic prevention of chicken houseto prevent diseases.



The above are the measures and key points for the breeder to ensure the high yield of laying hens in the process of using poultry cages!