Thursday, 19 August 2021 09:46

Three characteristics of automatic layer cage breeding

Until now, the chicken industry is still deeply loved by farmers. There are more and more farmers using modern equipment to raise chickens, so let's take a look at its characteristics.

  • Reduce manpower and reduce breeding costs. Use automatic layer cages to raise chickens. All equipment can work automatically. In this way, the farmers can save labor costs. The use of mechanized equipment increases labor productivity and reduces labor costs.
  • The automatic egg collection system can collect eggs efficiently. Its use will not only reduce the breakage rate of eggs, but also reduce labor costs.

  • It is easy to manage and reduce the risk of breeding. The use of automatic chicken farming equipment can ensure the environment of the chicken house. For example: automatic manure removal system regularly cleans manure. The chicken manure is cleaned out in time to provide a good environment for the growth of chickens.
  • Conducive to disease prevention work. The use of modern equipment for breeding reduces the mobile contact of staff in the chicken coop, which is conducive to the prevention and control of chicken diseases.