Friday, 30 July 2021 09:35

Reasons for low laying rate of laying hens

Farmers who raise layer hens in poultry chicken cages all want to allow chickens to lay more eggs, but some of them have low egg production rates due to some reasons. Today we will discuss the reasons.

First of all, there are two reasons for the lack of egg production rate: feed and management. Farmers need to check whether the feed formula is nutritionally balanced, and check whether the temperature and humidity of the poultry house are in line with the growth conditions of laying hens.

Farmers also need to reflect on the rapid change of feed after the peak egg production period. This will cause the chicken to have a greater stress response and affect the chicken's feed intake. As a result, the nutrients obtained by the chickens are reduced and the egg production rate is reduced.

The other reason is that the noisy environment of the chicken house causes the flock to be agitated. For example, loud noises can easily frighten chickens. Or suddenly change the breeding environment, etc. In response to the above problems, farmers should strengthen the management of the chicken house breeding environment and solve the problems in time.

Farmers need to consider whether the chicken house has sufficient light. Because light has a greater impact on stimulating the physiological functions of the gonads and laying eggs. Some chicken farmers only use natural light instead of lighting, so that the light is below 16 hours. Some have supplemented the light, but the light bulb is too small or the degree is too small. Although there are 15W light bulbs, they are not cleaned in time and are covered by dust, etc. And the light is not enough, which adversely affects the egg production rate.

The above is the summary of the reasons why laying hens lay fewer eggs. I hope that all farmers who raise layer hens can use the battery cages for layer hens to summarize the above experience to better raise chickens.