Thursday, 17 September 2020 08:07

Factors that need to be learned in layer cage breeding

As the breeding industry using layer chicken cages in Ghana continues to expand, the scientific nature of breeding technology is becoming more and more important. The selection of chicken coop equipment, reasonable design of chicken coops, the control of chemical dosage, air circulation, and disease prevention are becoming more and more professional and scientific, which requires a group of high-tech breeders. So what aspects should be paid attention to in laying hen breeding?

1. suitable environment
Proper temperature, proper humidity, proper ventilation, proper stocking density, proper light

2. Sufficient drinking water
Ensure that the laying hens have proper drinking water, effectively ensuring the healthy growth of the laying hens.

3. Standard weight
Overweight or underweight will affect the laying rate of laying hens.

4. Reduce all kinds of stress
Suitable environmental factors are one of the key factors affecting the growth of laying hens.

5. Strengthen disinfection
Strengthen disinfection in the house and cleaning outside the house to ensure the cleanliness of the breeding environment and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

6. Immunization vaccine
Use vaccines correctly and reasonably to effectively control and reduce the derivation of poultry diseases.