Friday, 22 June 2018 01:31

What are the factors affecting the efficiency of laying hens?

Under the premise of consistent species of laying hens and feed ingredients, the most important indicator affecting the efficiency of broiler breeders is the laying cycle, followed by the feed-to-egg ratio, and again the feed price, egg production rate, egg weight, and dead scouring rate.

Of course, these indicators are not completely isolated, but are interrelated. The effective way to increase the efficiency of laying hens should first be to prolong the laying cycle; second is to design a reasonable level of metabolic energy in order to reduce the ratio of feed to eggs and control feed unit price.

Strengthen feeding and managementĀ of your layer chicken cages for sale, reduce the incidence of laying hens The health of laying hens must focus on the laying period, because this period is the most important stage for laying hens to achieve a good economic benefit, and it is also a period when laying hens are susceptible to disease.