Chicken Farming Information for Chicken Breeds

What equipment will be needed when raising chicken? Believe that all farmer are in trouble to choosing chicken equipment at the beginning. Giving a simple introduce that list of equipment needed for poultry farming.

Chicken cage. Now poultry chicken cages are automatic and divided into stepped cage and battery cage. Stepped chicken cages are suitable for small farm, because it has low automation. Battery chicken cages are fit in larger farm, due to it need high automation.

Drinking water equipment. At present, there are nipple type, tower type, vacuum type, cup type and sink type drinkers. Free-range chickens now tend to use nipple drinkers, and chicks use tower type and sink type.

Manure removal equipment. At present, there are conveyor belt type manure cleaners and scraper type manure cleaners. Among them, conveyor belt type manure cleaners are mostly used for stacked cages, and scraper type manure cleaners are mostly used for stepped cages and online horizontal cages.

Environmental control equipment. Lighting equipment is mainly chicken house lighting fixtures. The main function of the wet curtain and fan cooling system is that summer air enters the chicken house through the wet curtain, which can reduce the temperature of the air entering the chicken house.

 The above is the list of equipment needed to raise chickens. This article briefly introduces a few. If you need to know about other equipment, you can contact the chicken cages supplier to learn more.