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Raising chickens is something that every chicken-and-hobby friend wants to do in cage system poultry house in kenya. The complexity of raising chickens is not so complicated, but it is still simple to ask the farmers to be more careful on weekdays. Let's take a look at how to raise chickens? What do you need to do most?



The air quality of the chicken house directly affects the health of the chickens, especially ammonia smell, carbon monoxide, etc., timely replacement of litter, timely cleaning of chicken manure, disinfection, poor air quality directly leads to one of the most important factors inducing chicken respiratory disease, if timely Improving air quality and reducing respiratory diseases saves farmers a lot of money. The temperature of the house is not only depends on the thermometer. If the chickens are piled together, the temperature is low. If a large group of mouths breathe, the increase in the amount of water indicates that the temperature of the house is high. The air is dry in autumn and winter, and there is too much dust on the ground. It is easy to cause respiratory diseases in poultry. The occurrence of this can be done on the ground, because the lighting required by the flocks at each stage is different, so it depends on the situation.




The daily mental state of the flock determines the state of health, the feathers are neat and clean, the feathers are shiny; the abdomen is soft; there are no bleeding marks in the umbilicus, the flocks are lively and active, the eyes are big and the feet are strong; the sound is loud and brittle; Full, struggling. Observe the status of the flock in advance through the feces. The healthy feces of the chickens are strips and piles. If the feces are too dry or too thin, it proves that the chickens have gone wrong. At this time, both feed and disease should be considered.


Observe the casualties of the flock in battery cage system for layers price in india, which is the case of the weak chicks. The weak chicks should be singled out for treatment. The casualties are planed to see what symptoms and then prevent and treat them.


Ventilation in the house is a daily and important thing, and now the chicken factory is a closed chicken house, so the farmers will use some ventilation chicken automated poultry equipment in nigeria to properly ventilate the chicken house, the chicken The harmful gases from the house are discharged, so that the flocks can breathe fresh air. How should the house be properly ventilated?


First, to ensure the tightness of the house: the premise of using the equipment for effective ventilation is that the tightness of the house is better, because only the closed house can use the equipment to let fresh air enter the house. Therefore, this requires farmers to pay attention to the inspection of the tightness of the house, for the poorly sealed house, to find the place where the air leakage is serious, especially the front and rear doors, the slab and the water curtain In other places, in addition to the high temperature period, the vertical ventilation system is mainly used, and the wet curtain cooling system is used.




Second, to ensure the matching of the chicken group demand and ventilation in the chicken house: the farmers will choose to use the chicken equipment fan equipment for equipment ventilation, and then use negative pressure ventilation to improve the wind speed inside the house and ensure the ventilation effect. When using longitudinal ventilation (especially when using a wet curtain), close the small windows of the house. If you open the small window, the wind speed will be unevenly distributed.


Third, the use of air inlets and water curtains should be matched with the fan: the number of fans and wet curtains for chicken equipment should match the house to obtain good ventilation and cooling effect. The size of the air inlet should be matched with the fan, the purpose is to make the chicken The ventilation is even and effective, and the static pressure inside the house is appropriate.


Fourth, create a suitable somatosensory temperature: farmers should pay attention to whether the ventilation management of the house is effective, whether the chicken is comfortable, not only the temperature displayed by the thermometer and the thermostat, must be judged according to the somatosensory temperature of the chicken and the performance of the flock : So farmers can go to the type H of bettery cage system to observe the flock and see how their mental state.


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It is relatively simple to breed broiler chickens, but it is also difficult to breed broiler chickens in the coming summer. In order to help the farmers to safely cross the summer during the summer breeding process and improve the breeding efficiency, the following broiler breeding equipment manufacturers will give Farmers talk about some ways to raise broilers in the summer.


1. Strengthen the ventilation inside the chicken house and reduce the temperature of the automatic poultry farming equipment

In the summer season, the temperature in the house is relatively high. In order to enable the flock to have a good growth environment, it is necessary to control the temperature in the house and take appropriate measures to help the house to cool down. Conditional farmers can install some cooling equipment in the house to assist in cooling.


2. Ensure that the chickens drink cool and healthy water

In the summer season, the water required for the chicken body will increase. This requires the farmer to ensure that the drinking water is sufficient when feeding the chickens, and on the other hand, to ensure that the water source is healthy and non-polluting. In the summer season, it is best for the farmers to drink cool water for the chickens, which can help the chicken body to cool down.





3. Adjust the time for feeding the chicken

As the temperature in the summer season continues to increase, the feed intake of the birds will also decrease. In order to ensure that the chicken diet can normalize and improve the feed conversion rate, farmers need to adjust the time of the chicken diet. You can choose to let the chickens eat in the evening or in the cool morning, which can improve the diet of the chickens and thus improve the diet. Feed conversion rate.


4. Prevent the occurrence of coccidiosis in chickens

The high temperatures in summer will breed some bacteria, causing coccidiosis in chickens. Farmers need to pay more attention to the process of breeding to prevent some anticoccidial drugs in the feed to prevent the occurrence of coccidiosis in chickens. Also need to pay attention to the replacement of broiler litter to ensure the dry and sterile of the battery cage for chickens.


If the chicken farm does not clean the chicken manure in the chicken battery cages in time, the odor in the broiler equipment will be very serious, and it will affect the living environment of the chicken. Seriously, it will cause the chicken to become sick and affect the economic benefits. So what should we do?






1 padding deodorization

The sulphur is mixed into the litter to make the pH of the litter less than 7, which can inhibit the generation and emission of ammonia in the feces, reduce the ammonia content in the air of the house, and reduce the odor of ammonia. The specific method is to mix into the litter according to the amount of 0.5 kg of sulfur per square meter of ground, paving the ground.


2 ground odor

Sprinkle a layer of superphosphate on the ground in the house. The superphosphate reacts with the ammonia gas produced in the chicken manure to form an odorless solid ammonium phosphate salt, which can reduce the emission of ammonia in the feces of the house and reduce the odor of the house. The specific method is to evenly spray 350 grams of superphosphate on the ground of every 50 chickens.


3 air odor

The odor in the air is adsorbed by a substance having adsorption such as charcoal, activated carbon, cinder, or quicklime. The method is to use the net bag to load the charcoal and suspend it in the chicken house or properly sprinkle some activated carbon, cinder, lime, etc. on the ground, and the odor in the air can be eliminated to different extents.


The above is how to deal with the odor in the air of broiler breeding equipment. I hope that can help the chickens to better raise their chickens, and they clean up the chicken farm equipment in time to give the chicken a good environment.

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