Thursday, 29 July 2021 07:20

Precautions for purchasing broiler cages in Nigeria

Many farmers are purchasing broiler cages. Pay attention to some purchase matters.


First of all, we must know the distance between the iron bars of the broiler cage. This is very important for broiler cages. A reasonable spacing is 2.5cm*5cm. Some farmers may think that the size of the broiler chickens is relatively large, and the spacing can be increased. This idea is wrong. Conditional farmers can also lay a plastic net on the bottom of the broiler cage that is consistent with the cage eye. This can not only buffer the strength of the eggs hitting the net and reduce the rate of broken eggs, but also prevent some diseases.


The design angle of the bottom of the broiler cage. The angle of the broiler cage must be accurate. The egg cannot be rolled out in time at a small angle, and it is trampled by the chicken. A large angle may cause the egg to break, and the general angle is maintained at seven to eight degrees.





Pay attention to the connection between the broiler cage and the bottom of the cage net. I must remind you that there are farmers, and you can't leave a big gap here. Because there are more eggs here. You must pay attention to this detail when buying a broiler cage.


The choice of materials for the chicken cage is very particular. It is necessary to choose suitable and tough materials. The diameter of the iron wire at the bottom of the cage is about 2 mm. The egg breaking rate is very small. The larger the diameter of the iron wire, the easier it is to cause broken eggs.


Due to the high density of broiler cages, it is not conducive to observe the situation in the flock. Especially in the brooding period, it is more obvious, so it is necessary to carefully observe the cage around the cage carefully. Prevent the abnormal situation in the flock from being discovered and dealt with in time. When the chicks are just transferred to the rearing cage. Due to the new environment, the chickens will be temporarily uneasy. The chickens that ran out of the cage should be caught in the cage in time, and the chickens should be carefully checked for damage and whether all the chickens can drink water in time.


In addition, in daily management, we should carefully observe the chickens every time, and be well aware of the chickens’ feeding, drinking, feces, mental state, etc., timely prevent diseases, strengthen management, and reduce economic losses.These are the precautions for purchasing broiler cages in Nigeria