Monday, 05 August 2019 08:22

Four-way ventilation management measures for chicken houses

1, the chicken house is ventilated in winter

The winter is relatively cold, and the dirty air in the chicken house is to be ventilated in time. We can choose to ventilate when the temperature is suitable, so as to avoid the temperature drop and the chicken cold and sickness, or raise the temperature in advance, and then ventilate. When ventilating, prevent cold wind from attacking, avoiding adverse reactions of chicks, suitable for temperature and ventilation, helping air permeability, replenishing indoor oxygen, circulate through air, reduce humidity, and discharge indoor ammonia carbon dioxide, dust and viruses and bacteria. It effectively prevents the occurrence of chronic respiratory tract in chicks.


2, chicken house spring ventilation

In spring weather, the temperature is high and low, the daytime temperature and the night temperature are very different, the weather is dry, the spring wind is big, and it is rainy or windy, the temperature is lowered, and it is more difficult to manage. If the management is not good, it is easy to induce various kinds of chicken. Diseases, special attention should be paid to the management. When the ventilation time is utilized at noon, turn on the ventilation to ventilate the air. When the temperature drops, close all the vents, and the ventilation time is flexible. The air temperature and the ventilation time can be longer. When the temperature drops, the ventilation The time is shorter, it is raining or windy weather, the vents are closed in time to prevent the temperature from plummeting, and the cold wind is blown into the chicken house, causing various emergency symptoms of the chicken in chicken battery cages .




3, chicken house ventilation in summer

Due to poor ventilation, the air in the house is dirty and the temperature is too high, which causes the chicken to lose heat and cause serious damage. Strengthening ventilation is the only way. Ventilation can reduce the growth of bacteria and prevent various diseases caused by poor air.


4, seasonal exchange ventilation management


In the winter and spring exchange season, the winter has just passed, and the weather has changed greatly since the spring. The ventilation should be adjusted at any time. The ventilation, temperature and humidity should be balanced. Because the external environment and the indoor environment are very different, it must be kept. The indoor air is fresh, the weather changes regularly, and the ventilation is adjusted in time to prevent various situations in poultry farming equipment for sale in Ghana.