Friday, 12 April 2019 09:10

How to Feed Chickens with medicine


In the process of raising chickens in poultry cages for sale, chickens will inevitably become sick. Scientific medicine can avoid costs and improve breeding efficiency. How to feed chickens?

 1, ,staged

Some diseases occur with specific time and conditions, and should be targeted according to the law.

2, timeliness

The opportunity to use drugs is crucial, and the disease should be used at an early stage. If the time is too long, it is often not effective.

3, accuracy

At present, there are many kinds of medicines, and there are many kinds of medicines for the same kind of diseases, but the effect will be different for a specific chicken group. Therefore, the drug susceptibility test should be done again, and the history of drug use and the experience of the breeder should be used.

4, choose a drug with high safety, so as to avoid the toxicity of some drugs, too strong side effects on the chicken body to produce a bad reaction.

5, the goal of medication is to reduce the growth of benefits, the choice of drugs should be based on economics as a basis for thinking. In the case of the same preventive effect, it is better to choose a drug that is cheaper and has no other disadvantages.