Friday, 12 April 2019 08:00

Feeding management techniques for baby chicks

Chicks generally refer to chickens that were born less than 50 days old. Chicks have young bodies, incomplete development of body functions, sensitive nervous system, high sensitivity to external changes, incomplete intestinal development, and poor resistance, but chicks have the characteristics of strong metabolism and rapid growth. Objective factors such as the environment in which the chicks live and the equipment of the feed have a great impact on the growth and development of the chicks. In the actual production environment, the breeder should adopt appropriate breeding management techniques for the characteristics of the chicks to provide a good environment for the healthy growth of the chicks.

1. Selection of chick breeding grounds

The growth and development of chicks is closely related to their living environment. Therefore, the selection of breeding sites is crucial. Whether the chicks can grow healthily and vigorously, the quality of the breeding ground plays a vital role. The breeding ground should be chosen in a sunny place to ensure that the chicks can get to the sun and disinfect the body of the chicks. On the other hand, breeding grounds should not be chosen where the wind is too strong, otherwise the chicks are prone to illness. The breeding ground should also have the requirements of quietness, comfort and sanitation. In addition, in the cage of the chicken, there should be an activity room to ensure that the chicks can move normally and have enough space for exercise.

2. Feeding of chicks

Freshly shelled chicks have enough yolk for their nutrition in their own body. Therefore, it is not necessary to prematurely feed the chicks. Generally, the chicks are fed after 3 hours of full drinking. The correct choice of feeding time is of great significance for promoting the growth and development of chicks and improving the body's defense mechanism. Eating too late will increase the energy consumption of the chicks. If you start eating too early, it will increase the gastrointestinal burden of the chicks. In addition, in the feed preparation process of the chicks, the current use method should be adopted, and a little garlic juice can be added to the feed of the chicks to disinfect and sterilize.

There are many factors affecting the growth and development of chicks, such as genetics, nutrition, and environment. In the case of a small gap in the overall nutritional level of the farm, the farm environment has become the key to determining the success of the farm. Among the many environmental factors, the temperature, humidity, ventilation and lighting of the house are the most important, and it is the most difficult part of daily management. In order to save farming space and improve breeding efficiency, large-scale chicken farms usually adopt a caged approach. The level and location of the chicken battery cages are different, and the surrounding microenvironment (temperature, humidity, light, ventilation) will also vary.

1) Material: low carbon steel galvanized cold drawn steel wire, galvanized and delicate, corrosion resistant.

2) High-quality plastics can overcome the inflammation of the broiler's chest caused by the hard bottom of the cage.

3) Ample light, air circulation, and free drinking water.

4) It saves labor, materials, materials, management, observation, disinfection, decontamination, and easy operation.

5) Rugged, beautiful and easy to use, save space.