Thursday, 04 April 2019 07:16

Standardized chicken house ventilation problems

Ventilation is very important in standardized chicken farms. At present, standardized chicken houses are mostly closed farming, use fully automated poultry farming equipment. In order to keep the air in the chicken house fresh, there is enough oxygen to discharge harmful gases, moisture and dust, keep the environment inside the house clean, and set the ventilation system. It is the most important, correct use and control is also the most critical, can not be ignored. Here is a brief introduction to the relevant technical aspects of ventilation control in actual work:

1. Slow wind speed and poor cooling effect

(1) The wind channel has obstructions to block the wind;
(2) The size of the opening of the tuyere is different or the wind is too large;
(3) The vents, fan blades, and louvers are not clean, the louvers are not open, and the angle is small, which affects the wind speed;
(4) The rust of the fan is not working well, and the belt is too loose to reach the required power;
(5) The chicken house is too long, the fan setting is too small, too small, and the wind is insufficient;
(6) When the longitudinal ventilation is opened, the side air outlet may have air leakage, which may affect the wind speed without lowering the temperature;
(7) The wind inlet wind speed is lower than the required wind speed and no negative pressure can be formed. Should be kept above 4m / s.


2. The chicken house is stuffy

(1) There are many air blowers, the air inlet is small, the air intake is less, the air inlet ratio is less than 2:1, the negative pressure is high, the oxygen is lacking, the chicken house is sultry and the wind speed is fast, and the chicken is easy to get cold.
(2) In particular, the front end of the air intake is less likely to form a windless area.
(3) Pay attention to the area of the tuyere and the area of the fan. Guaranteed air outlet area: fan area = 3:1. Front end air outlet.

3. The temperature difference between the upper and lower houses is large

(1) The outside of the house is cold and cool, the wind is large, the wind is falling rapidly, and the chicken house is too long, the number of fans is small, and the wind is insufficient.
(2) It can reduce the surface of the tuyere to prevent the wind from sinking, especially reduce the area of the end tuyere, so that the wind speed is accelerated and discharged as soon as possible.
(3) The length of the house is controlled within 120m. It is also possible to add a booster fan to the middle.