Monday, 01 April 2019 08:47

How to raise chickens at the turn of winter and spring?

Pay attention to the vaccine response period

During brooding, there are more live vaccines, and various live vaccines are accompanied by different degrees of immune response. The immunization program of each farm is relatively fixed. The chicken health record can be established, the time rule of vaccine reaction can be found, and early drug prevention can be prevented. Avoid the occurrence of respiratory diseases secondary to the immune response of vaccines (mycoplasma, Escherichia coli, etc.), focusing on the post-immunization response of infectious laryngotracheitis 2 to 3 weeks after chicking. If necessary, 3 to 50,000 units of doxycycline should be administered for prevention 3 days before immunization.


Isolation of sick chickens

Spring is a season of frequent chicken disease, and improving the bio-safety system is an effective means to avoid the disease of chickens. Staff training should be done to improve the awareness of all staff members and to strictly implement various isolation and epidemic prevention measures. According to the needs of biosafety in different areas of the site, all levels of epidemic prevention areas shall be divided, and different levels of epidemic prevention areas shall adopt corresponding isolation and disinfection measures. Bird migration is an important way to spread bird flu, and bird protection should be done at the same time.



Strengthen feeding management

In the early spring, the warmth is still cold, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the chickens are subject to greater stress. The feeding management method should be adjusted in time according to the climate characteristics. In addition to the daily feeding and management work, the heat preservation and ventilation work should be focused. Avoid greatly adjusting the size of the air inlet and the number of fans to open because of the temperature rise, causing stress in the flock and reducing the resistance and causing diseases such as the respiratory tract. The house with the temperature controller to control the fan can be adjusted once a week, and the adjustment should not exceed 1 °C. The temperature in the spring rises, the microbial reproduction speeds up, and the winter pays attention to the heat preservation. The house stores more dust and other harmful substances. Therefore, the sanitation and disinfection work should be strengthened. The drinking water pipe can be disinfected once a week with potassium permanganate and disinfected with chicken. The amount of water should be increased appropriately.


Choosing the right poultry farming equipment

If you want to choose the right poultry farming equipment, it is best to choose a reliable poultry farming equipment supplier. Not only can it avoid the chance of equipment problems, but also get a good after-sales service guarantee.