Wednesday, 06 March 2019 07:49

Maintenance of laying hen equipment fan

Maintenance and maintenance of laying hen equipment fan:


1. Layer chicken equipment fan motor maintenance. The chicken farm power support personnel check the operation of the motor and observe whether there is any abnormal vibration in the motor work. If problems are found, the bearings should be replaced or butter should be added in time.


2. Layer chicken equipment fan bearing maintenance. Add butter to the fan bearing to check the running condition of the bearing. If the bearing reaches the service limit, it should be replaced in time. The inverter fan or the primary fan has a much longer running time than other fans. It is recommended to replace the fan bearing directly to ensure the reduction in the future operation. Fault frequency.


3. Layer and belt inspection of laying equipment. If the belt has a decrease in hardness, corrosion, fiber breakage or cracks, it indicates that the belt has been damaged and cannot be used any more. It needs to be replaced in time. If the new belt is replaced, the outer edge of the belt is still lower than the outer edge of the pulley, indicating that the pulley is seriously worn and the pulley needs to be replaced.


4. Chicken layer cages fan shutter inspection. Mainly check whether the shutter opening and closing device is normal, check the blindness of the blinds, if the sealing is not good, it must be cleaned and repaired.




Maintenance and maintenance of laying hen equipment heaters:


1. Heater motor maintenance. The chicken farm power support personnel check the operation of the motor, add high temperature butter to the bearings of the motor, and check whether the line is abnormal.


2. Heater water supply pipe. Check whether the water supply pipe filter is clean, check whether the pipe valve is leaking or the switch is smooth, and the heat sink of the heater is blocked.


3. Signal debugging of the heater. Due to the deactivation of the wet curtain in summer, the signal line of the heater should be connected to ensure that the thermostat can provide a signal to start the heater.


The above is the technical essentials of overhaul layer fan equipment, I hope to help you.