Friday, 15 February 2019 06:18

Chicken house cooling method

Regarding the method of cooling the chicken house, when raising chickens, remember that if the temperature inside the house is too high, it will seriously affect the healthy growth of the chickens. Generally, the temperature inside the chicken houses will be higher, which is timely in the chicken house. There are many ways to cool down the work to cool down. What are the common ones?

1, you can choose to use water spray to cool the house, generally can reduce the temperature of 5-6 ° C, but this is easy to cause the humidity of the house is too high, so you need to pay attention to humidity control, humidity instability will also affect the chicken Growing.

2. For chicken houses that have not yet been built, you can choose to install a layer of insulation on the roof of the built chicken house to prevent it from being sun-dried. It also has the effect of heat insulation.

3, you can choose wet curtain for mechanical cooling but the chicken house is closed to have a good cooling effect, use the chicken equipment fan wet curtain to cool down can control the cooling time and wind speed, etc., high controllability, is The main method of cooling.

4, you can choose to plant some broad-leaved trees around the chicken house poultry farming equipment, you can cover the sun, have the effect of cooling.