Saturday, 05 January 2019 03:14

Reasons for the decline in chicken immunity

When the immunity of the chicken in poultry cage equipment is reduced, various bacterial infections are likely to occur, resulting in illness. In order to avoid the incidence of flocks, we should understand what factors affect the decline of flock immunity, and then take precautionary measures in all aspects.

Genetic factors: The immunity of chickens of different ages, different stages and different varieties is different. Due to genetic factors, some chickens themselves have high immunity, and some chickens themselves have low immunity.

Environmental quality of the house: The quality of the house is very important for the chicken. The accumulation of manure in the house will produce harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, especially in the bad ventilation season in winter, which will reduce the immunity of the flock and easily infect the respiratory tract. disease. Therefore, in the winter, while keeping the house warm, we must also pay attention to the ventilation of the house.

Mold change of feed: The mildew of feed in culture is relatively common. When the chicken is eaten, it will cause the immunity to decrease and it is easy to infect other diseases.