Saturday, 29 December 2018 06:38

What are the advantages of using a battery chicken cage to raise chicken?

According to the sales situation in recent years, there are more and more farmers who use battery cages to raise chickens. The biggest reason why the battery cages can continuously increase their utilization rate is because they have huge breeding advantages in the process of breeding, so what are the advantages of their breeding? Let's take a look at the specific advantages of the caged chickens in the cage.


1. Poultry battery cages are stacked one after another, which can reduce the footprint of the cage, which can save farmers the use of the housing area, so that farmers can make full use of the remaining area of the house to do other things.

2. Battery chicken cages are also piled up one after another, making full use of the advantages of space, can increase the number of chickens raised by farmers, and improve the economic benefits of farmers.


3. The bottom layer of the battery cage is a certain distance from the ground, avoiding the contact between the chicken and the chicken manure, reducing the damage of the bacteria to the chicken, reducing the incidence of the chicken, and increasing the survival rate of the chicken.


4. The battery chicken cages fix the chickens within a certain range, so that the activity of the chickens will be reduced, the energy consumption level will be reduced, and the increase of the feeding conversion rate will save the farmers a lot of feed costs.


5. The battery cages are made of high-quality steel, which has high strength and toughness, and has padding in the bottom net equipment, thus avoiding the occurrence of flock bursitis and chicken leg disease.