Wednesday, 12 December 2018 06:40

How to purify the environment of the chicken farm

Maintaining environmental sanitation is not only beneficial to the healthy growth of the flock, but also important to the health of the farmers. So how to purify the environment?

First, regular disinfection: regular disinfection of chicken equipment, effective blocking and cutting off the spread of disease

Second, diligently clean up the feces: the chickens will produce a lot of feces every day. If not cleaned up in time, harmful gases will seriously affect the health of the chicken.

Third, prepare some Chicken cages machinery to control the environment: Many chicken houses are closed, and some ventilation equipment is prepared to realize the ventilation management of the chicken house.

fourth, Greening: Some flowers and trees can be planted near the chicken house to green the environment of the chicken farm and purify the air.