Thursday, 19 July 2018 04:22

Analysis of Common Problems in Chicken Hatching

Incubation problems can usually be divided into three categories: hatchery problems, egg disposal problems or breeder problems. Baby hatching in your poultry farming equipment should know about some problems. If it is caused by a breeder, it is likely to occur at least 4 weeks ago: it includes 3 weeks of incubation time and 1 week of egg storage time. The delay of determining the cause of the problem is very large. When the problem lasts for a short period of time, it even makes us unable to determine the cause. In order to find out the cause of the problem as soon as possible, and take corrective measures in a timely manner, often in the first week of incubation, take the eggs and test the detected white eggs and dead embryos.

Complete and accurate records of breeder flocks (including egg production, mortality, morbidity, egg weight, eggshell quality, hatch-ability, feed consumption, and antibody monitoring data), comprehensive record of eggs from production to hatchery Provide valuable clues for most incubation issues. Your baby chickens in your layer cages for sale should be carefully rearing that can give you great