Tuesday, 10 July 2018 07:49

The Reason Why the Wet Curtain of the fan Don’t Cool

The reason why the wet curtain of the poultry cages for sale does not cool is that the farmer can first check the water level of the wet curtain equipment of the fan. It may be because the water level of the fan wet curtain equipment of the farmer is low and the adjustment of the float valve is wrong. The water level can be adjusted to 80- It is better to have around 100 marks.

If the poultry farmer is in the process of using the fan wet curtain and the drain valve is stuck, the solution is to replace the drain valve. There is no other better way.

The filter water distributor of the fan wet curtain is blocked: because the water needs to be used for a long time, the filter water distributor is more likely to be fouled, and timely cleaning is very important to prevent the occurrence of fouling.