Tuesday, 19 July 2022 09:38

Poultry equipment manufacturers share chicken raising skills

Nowadays, chicken and egg products have entered thousands of households. There is a growing demand for chicken products. If farmers still choose the old way of poultry farming, they will be eliminated. The farming method of battery chicken cages can realize automated poultry farming. Not only convenient but also efficient. Favored by the majority of poultry farmers. The following poultry equipment manufacturers teach you the skills of raising chickens.



  1. Breeding of chicks. Young chicks are relatively fragile, and are harsh on temperature, heat, and the food environment they are raised. Of course, you must pay attention to changes in the weather, the weather will affect the growth and development of chicks. It is hoped that farmers must pay attention to this, and moderate temperature is beneficial to the growth of chicks.
  2. The chicken house should be raised on a spacious and flat ground for the growth of pheasants when using chicken raising equipment. In summer, the temperature is high and the water is easily polluted, so the water should be changed twice a day. Scrub the sink with a 0.1% potassium permanganate solution when changing the water. Adequate and clean drinking water must be maintained. If the temperature exceeds 35 degrees, 3% sugar can be added to the drinking water. Helps to cool down and prevent heatstroke. Of course, the best suggestion is to install automatic chicken drinking fountains to provide chickens with clean drinking water at all times.
  3. Provide necessary cooling equipment (fan, water curtain). With this feeding method, the basic life of pheasants is the same as in the natural environment. The air is fresh, the sanitary conditions are good, the range of activities is large, and there is enough automatic feeding and drinking water, which is very beneficial to the rapid growth of the pheasants during the breeding period. Pheasants grown under these conditions have game characteristics and are very popular with consumers. Keeping the chicken house clean and hygienic is a fundamental measure to reduce disease,

Only good breeding methods can grow healthy chickens, and I hope that farmers can raise them correctly. The above are the three tips for raising chickens shared by poultry equipment manufacturers. Hope to be able to help you poultry farming friends.