Tuesday, 12 July 2022 10:22

Poultry Farm Battery Cage System Development Project

Benefits of poultry farming battery cages. The poultry chicken cage is an indispensable poultry breeding equipment for the majority of chicken farmers. In recent years, the demand market for chicken products has been expanding. What are the benefits of using poultry cages to raise chickens?



  1. The number of chickens per unit area far exceeds that of flat breeding, which can increase the breeding volume by 50% to 100%.
  2. The chicken layer cages price can also completely isolate the chicken manure from the chicken body. Chicken manure can fall directly to the ground. The dust in the chicken house is greatly reduced, the chance of disease infection through feces is less, and the mortality of chickens is greatly reduced.
  3. The amount of exercise of chickens is limited to a low limit, energy consumption is small, and feed is saved.
  4. It is easy to observe the chickens, and it is convenient for grouping or sorting.
  5. There are enough places to eat and drink. The uniformity and health of the chickens are better, which can save the cost of litter required for flat rearing.
  6. High level of automation. Automatic feeding, drinking water, manure cleaning, cooling pad cooling, centralized management, automatic control, energy saving. Reduce artificial feeding costs. Greatly improve the breeding efficiency of farmers.
  7. Strong and durable. The complete set of chicken layer cage chicken equipment adopts the hot-dip galvanizing process, which is resistant to corrosion and aging, and has a service life of 15 to 20 years.