Monday, 11 July 2022 09:52

Installation of automatic poultry feeding equipment in chicken farm

With the development of society, labor costs are getting higher and higher. Therefore, more and more users choose automated poultry farming equipment  for sale. Poultry farmers also want to be equipped with automatic chicken raising equipment.


The feeding materials in the battery cage system are generally divided into three types in the market:



  1. Hand push semi-automatic feeder. The secondary feeder is relatively small and flexible, has relatively low requirements on the layout of the chicken house and the type of chicken cages, and can be used in new and old chicken houses. But this feeder is less automated and labor-intensive.


  1. Ahighly automated ladder feeder mounted on battery cage is usually used for new ones. Generally, the cage cannot be used without matching the feeder.


  1. The seed metering device has a high degree of automation and has low requirements for the layout of the old chicken house. It can be installed when the chicken house is high enough. Therefore, this feeder is installed on the chicken coop and has won the approval and love of farmers. Because it is really convenient and greatly saves labor, an automatic feeder can be realized.


In the development of chicken farms, poultry farming equipment is also being updated. During this time, people often do not know what to use. You can ask more chicken cage manufacturers. They know more about the product and can provide a reasonable solution.