Tuesday, 28 June 2022 09:25

Management for large-scale battery cage systems

For chicken farms that use large-scale battery cage systems in Uganda to raise flocks. In addition to mastering scientific and reasonable chicken raising techniques, farmers must master the technology. Also pay attention to the management system of chicken farm breeders. These are important guarantees for farmers to successfully create the benefits of chicken raising, which can allow farmers to raise chickens with less effort. The following poultry cage manufacturers will take you to understand the main points of the management system of large-scale automatic chicken raising equipment chicken farms.


 1. Strengthen personnel management: Generally, the number of large-scale chicken farms is relatively large, so it is necessary to hire some people to complete the feeding work together. Therefore, farmers should pay attention to the management of staff and strictly control the entry of off-site personnel into large-scale poultry farms.

 2. Improve the rules and regulations: farmers should formulate different work points for different staff in the daily management process. For example, post management systems such as field managers, technicians, and breeders. In the usual management, work according to the rules and strengthen the assessment. Allbattery chicken cagesystems are put on the wall and implemented in accordance with the system.

 3. Pay attention to file management: For chicken farms that use large-scale automatic chicken raising equipment to raise chickens, special attention should be paid to the records of work, and various sound records should be established. Whether it is the condition of the flock, the medication, or the salary of the staff, etc., all need to be recorded.



 4 Implement scientific epidemic prevention: If farmers want to keep their flocks healthy, they must do a good job of scientific immunization. Immunization is an important means to prevent infectious diseases of chickens. Therefore, doing a good job of immunization can better keep the chickens healthy. Also note that farmers should implement the immunization program as planned.

 5.Equipped with reasonable chicken raising equipment: All kinds of chicken raising equipment are the key to realizing large-scale farming. Therefore, in the process of raising chickens, farmers must prepare reasonable chicken raising equipment, and at the same time improve the supporting facilities for epidemic prevention.


The above is the management method of large-scale automatic chicken raising equipment chicken farms and the relevant content of the breeder management system organized by poultry cage manufacturers for farmers. The scientific formulation of these management systems will ensure the efficient operation of chicken farms. For this reason, farmers must master scientific chicken raising technical knowledge and chicken farm management knowledge, so as to successfully realize the benefits of chicken raising.