Thursday, 16 June 2022 09:23

Why increase ventilation and light when using battery cage systems?

Strengthen the ventilation of intensive chicken farms

Battery cage systems in Ghana rearing belongs to high - density rearing mode. So under high density conditions, there are more chickens so they breathe more. The relative humidity in the house, the concentration of harmful gases is also easy to rise.


Enclosed chicken farm with layer chicken cages. Battery cage for layer feeding the number of density is also relatively large. The chicken exhales a lot of carbon dioxide. Add the harmful gas such as ammonia of chicken house more. If not ventilated in time, it may lead to the disease of chicken breathing in harmful gases. Good ventilation can eliminate harmful gases from the chicken farm.


In the season of high temperature. Chicken house temperature is also easy to rise. In order to maintain good air conditions in the house. Ventilation should be installed or provided to increase the ventilation. The price of layer chicken cage can also be constantly changed into enough fresh air.



Control the light intensity of the chicken farm.

When the feeding density is high and the light is strong, the battery layer cages have the advantage, which can easily cause the restless chickens, even after the beak is broken, the phenomenon of pecking the anus will still occur. In the closed hen house, the illumination of the growing chickens should be 5-10 lux, and that of the laying hens should be 10 lux.


Common hen house is like light very strong. Layer chicken cage price when the occurrence of anal pecking. Under the condition of ensuring proper ventilation, the chicken farm should be darkened as much as possible.