Friday, 27 May 2022 09:06

How to use automatic poultry equipment to raise chicken in summer to drop in temperature?

In hot summer, fans and wet curtains in automatic poultry equipment in South Africa are loved by many poultry farmers. So how to use them reasonably so that the chicken coop has a better cooling effect?


Most people think that the greater the negative pressure of the fan, the higher the wind speed, the better the cooling effect in hot days. It's not. We confused the inlet wind speed with the cross section wind speed. When the negative pressure is large, the wind speed of the air inlet is high, and the wind entering from the small window is easier to go to the center of the chicken battery cages for layers.



What really affects the cooling effect is the wind speed behind the fan. That is, the cross-section wind speed is determined by the fan and the cross-section area. The larger the fan, the smaller the cross section area and the higher the cross section wind speed. If the negative pressure is too large, it will affect the exhaust effect of the fan. This affects cooling.


Therefore, for the purpose of cooling down, please adjust the air inlet and lower the negative pressure appropriately. Think of ways to increase the wind speed in the chicken battery cages properly. Thus improving the cooling effect.


The water curtain in the automatic poultry equipment mainly absorbs heat through the gasification of water to reduce the air temperature. A change in water temperature has a much smaller effect on air temperature than the conversion of water to steam.


Lower water temperature, the cooling effect of the water curtain will be relatively better. But the way the curtain is used is the key to better cooling than the water temperature. Like sealing the leak spots in the chicken battery cage system. Clean the water curtain inlet pipe in advance to avoid blockage. And the application of good fan and intake wind speed and so on.