Friday, 27 May 2022 09:03

Cooling measures for intensive chicken farms

Summer is coming, for the use of poultry farming equipment to carry out intensive chicken project for farmers. Cooling measures need to be on the agenda. As they prepare to cool down in the summer. It can guarantee the healthy growth of chickens to a certain extent.



  1. Spray water inside to cool down

It is relatively simple to do the cooling work of the hen house with fully automatic layer cage equipment. Cooling treatment can be achieved by spraying water to cool the temperature. For example, in the summer evening to the top of the breeding equipment and the body of water. At the same time, with the use of fan, increase ventilation. The comprehensive utilization and organic combination of automatic chicken raising equipment can cool down well.


  1. Improve your surroundings

From the environment around the chicken farm. Trees and grass can be planted around the egg-cage facilities. Such as planting some tall trees. They affect ventilation and provide shade from direct sunlight. Planting lawn can also absorb a lot of heat, avoid the summer high temperature sunlight reflected into the chicken farm.


  1. Buy poultry farming equipment

Conditional chicken farm can match the fan water shade on form a complete set. The cooling effect is even more significant. To make sure the chicken farm is not too hot. So much so that it affects production and the health of chickens.



These are the main cooling measures for intensive chicken farms shared by chicken farm equipment manufacturers. With the arrival of summer, poultry farmers need to cool down their chicken farm. I hope the above three ways to share can help poultry farmers can better cool down the chicken farm.