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The process of raising chickens using automated chicken raising equipment

Chicken farm is the need to raise chicken equipment, which is very important to the development of breeding industry. Automatic chicken raising equipment is a general term for special machinery, tools and internal facilities used in the production process of chicks, breeders, broilers and layers. So how do chicken farms use chicken equipment to raise chickens? What is the process? The following small make up simple to share with you, I hope to help you.


How to raise chickens using automated chicken raising equipment? – Chicken  Raising Technology


1, The construction of chicken coop: breeding equipment of the chicken house and the past is different open house. When the house are closed and the environmental controls of the coops need to be adjusted by the equipment, the coops are not affected by the external weather and environment, so that the chickens are always in the right environment and the farmer can get better benefits.


2, Automatic chicken raising equipment selection is appropriate. When farmers choose equipment, they need to choose a reasonable chicken farm equipment according to the number of chickens they raise and their actual situation. There are many types of equipment, different equipment has different roles, farmers often choose equipment is: layer chicken cages, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, feces cleaning equipment, egg picking equipment and fan wet curtain.


3. Choose a reliable chicken. When selecting chickens, the health and quality of chickens are related to the survival rate of chickens, and can also determine the quality of adult chickens, directly affecting the benefit. Therefore, farmers need to strictly control the quality of chicken, do not covet the cheap chicken with disease.


4. Scientific breeding. Farmers should manage broilers according to their growth stage. Egg and broilers are generally divided into three growth stages. Farmers should adjust the feeding points, nutrient ratio and feed content according to these three different stages, and scientifically feed them to meet the growth needs and standards of egg broilers and make them grow healthily.


5. Do a good job in immunization. To avoid disease, immunization is needed. In addition, the density and number of chickens raised in breeding facilities are so high that immunization is needed to prevent infectious diseases that affect the health of chickens and the cost and economic benefits of farmers. When making immunization plans and methods, farmers should make reasonable immunization plans and methods according to local epidemic situation and vaccination diseases. In the selection of vaccines, we should pay attention to the selection of regular manufacturers and national certification of vaccines, and correct operation.


6, Regular ground disinfection chicken farming equipment. There are many pathogenic microorganisms in the chicken house. Regular and reasonable disinfection can eliminate the pathogenic microorganisms in the equipment and reduce the risk of infection in chickens. It is also an effective measure to prevent disease. Farmers should regularly disinfect and clean the chicken house before disinfecting. In addition, farmers should pay attention to the disinfection of broilers after slaughter to avoid residual pathogenic microorganisms affecting the health of the next batch of chickens.


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