Wednesday, 11 May 2022 06:48

How is chicken farm ventilated with battery cage system in Nigeria?

Anyone who has built chicken farm in Nigeria knows that the most limited consideration for a chicken farm is ventilation. Ensure that the ventilation of the chicken farm is as expected. It's important to ventilate chickens, so how do you ventilate chicken farm using battery cage system in Nigeria?


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  1. Use a fan, one of the automatic chicken raising equipment. The ventilation of the hen house should ensure that the sealing of the hen house is good. If it is found that the chicken house air leakage needs to be repaired in time, so as not to affect the effect of ventilation.
  2. The ventilation of the chicken house should ensure that the number of chickens and the battery cage system to be used match. In this way, the ventilation of the chicken coop is better.
  3. When using poultry equipment to ventilate the chicken house, ensure that the fan and the water curtain match each other. Otherwise, the cold air in the fan could easily blow the chickens. Cause cold stress in the chickens.
  4. Pay attention to observe the situation of chickens when using automatic chicken equipment for ventilation in the chicken farm. You can't just look at what's displayed on the device. But to judge the comfortable temperature of chickens according to their body temperature and specific performance.


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