Tuesday, 29 March 2022 08:55

Poultry Feeding Management Measures

How can we manage and raise poultry well? Today, poultry equipment manufacturers will share with you the measures of poultry feeding and management.



  1. Reduce the fluff density. The fluff density of the high temperature layer should be guaranteed to reach 500cm2, and the minimum should not be lower than 380cm2.


  1. Provide fresh, clean water throughout the day. It is best to drink deep well water that has been tested and met the standard. If deep well water is not available, add ice to the tank to lower the water temperature.


  1. Adjust the feeding time. Feed it in the evening when it is cooler, and feed it during the two feeding peaks after 6:00 am and 6:00 pm, so that the chickens can eat well.


  1. Strengthen inspections. Pay close attention to the feed intake, water intake and manure situation of chickens, especially when the air is sultry at noon and at night, to detect abnormal flocks in time. If there is an abnormal situation, release the sick and dead chickens for a week in time. To reduce the spread of disease and economic losses.


  1. Be quiet and reduce stress. Keep quiet during cleaning, egg picking, feeding, disinfection, etc. to avoid noise disturbance. Try to avoid the stress caused by large movements such as immunity.


The above 5 points are the measures of poultry breeding management shared by poultry equipment manufacturers. Modern intensive farming has become the choice of many poultry farmers, and the use of battery cage systems makes poultry management more important. Therefore, poultry farmers should also pay attention to poultry farming. Hope the above sharing can help you.