Wednesday, 12 January 2022 09:42

The importance of beak breaking in chicks with automated chicken raising equipment

Farmers know in the process of raising chicks that it is necessary to cut the beaks of the chickens at the chick stage, so why should the beaks of the chicks be cut during the breeding process? What are the benefits of cutting the beaks of the chicks? The poultry equipment manufacturer came to tell the farmers about the importance of beak cutting for chicks and some precautions for beak cutting of chicks in the process of raising chickens with chicken equipment.


Why do chicks have to have their beaks cut off?

 The importance of beak cutting in chicks: In the process of daily feeding, if the beak cutting is not carried out in time, the flock is prone to pecking. Beak cutting is an effective measure to prevent chickens from pecking; and beak cutting can also prevent adult chickens. The long beak of the group leads to the phenomenon of wasting feed during feeding, preventing the waste of feed. Prevent all kinds of vices and reduce feed and waste. During the feeding process, due to the reasons such as too strong light, too high density, poor ventilation, insufficient feed nutrition, large group feeding, etc., the flocks will often have vicious habits (beak anus, toe pecking, feather pecking), which will cause serious damage to the flock. loss.



How to break the beak of the chicks in the process of raising chicks?

First of all, the farmer must first determine the time for the chicks to cut their beaks. Generally, the time for the chicks to cut their beaks will be carried out when the chicks are 7-10 days old. At this time, the stress response caused by the beak cutting is relatively small. After the first beak cutting, the second chicken beak cutting should be carried out according to the effect and production situation.

Beak trimming of chickens, to check the health of the flock, it can only be done in healthy conditions. If sick chickens and weak chickens are found, they should be picked out and raised separately, and then cut off after they recover.

In addition, chickens are generally not suitable for beak cutting during the immunization period or other stress conditions. The content of vitamins should be increased in the diet 3 days before and after beak trimming, and of course, vitamins can also be provided by drinking water. When the chicken is cut off the beak, it is necessary to prepare the drugs and utensils for disinfection and hemostasis, so that it can be applied along with it in case of an accident.

There are many tools and methods for beak cutting. It is better to use a special beak cutting device, such as a foot-operated beak cutting device, and an electric iron is used in some areas. The length of the cut beak is 1/2--2/3 of the upper beak and 1/3 of the lower beak. When cutting the beak, wait until the blade is burnt to maroon, hold the chicken with your hand, put your thumb against the back of the chicken's head, and press the index finger against the chicken's lower jaw and gently press the pharynx, so that the chicken's head cannot swing left and right, and at the same time make the chicken Tongue retracted. The beak cutting operation time is fast, and it usually ends within 1--2 seconds.

Beak cutting is to cut off parts of the chicken's upper and lower beaks with the help of a hot blade. Generally, a special beak breaker is used. The aperture of the beak breaker in the juvenile stage is 4.4 mm at 7 to 10 days old, and 4.8 mm at 7 to 10 days old. The method of breaking the beak is to grab the chicken leg with the left hand, hold the chicken with the right hand, put the right thumb on the top of the chicken's head, put the index finger on the swallow, apply a little pressure to make the chicken shrink the tongue, choose the appropriate aperture, and cut it 2 cm away from the nostril. . When burning, the blade is rolled around the cut surface of the beak to flatten the corners of the mouth, which can prevent the outer edge of the beak from regrowing.

The above is what the poultry equipment manufacturer told the farmers about why they need to cut the beak of the chicks in the process of raising chickens, as well as some points and precautions for the beak cutting of the chicks. I hope that the above description can bring the some help to the farmers. Thanks for your attention!