Thursday, 23 December 2021 08:19

How to clean chicken house after natural disasters

Natural disasters will not only damage poultry farms, but also damage various automated poultry farming equipment. At the same time, it will also lead to the occurrence of epidemics. So today I will explain to you what poultry farmers should do after natural disasters.



  1. Timely maintenance of battery chicken cages and other equipment: After the disaster, farmers should turn off the power, and then ask the staff to repair and maintain the chicken cage, various tools, water pipes, wires and other facilities. Leakage and stagnant water have occurred.
  2. Clean the overwhelming chickens in time: Individual chickens will inevitably die due to the impact of the disaster. Farmers should clean up dead chickens in time and carry out all-round disinfection.
  3. Contaminated drinking fountains, sinks, food troughs, etc., need to be cleaned and disinfected before use. Be careful not to use contaminated well water or natural river water when drinking water. Precipitation treatment, then disinfect with bleaching powder, Baidusha and other disinfectants, or directly boil for disinfection.
  4. Pay attention to feed safety: Affected by the disaster, the feed in the factory warehouse may have been contaminated. Farmers should pay attention to whether the feed has mildew. Moldy feed cannot be fed to chickens. It can also be fed in small amounts after detoxification of moldy feed. Common detoxification methods include blowing in the wind, drying in the sun, and adding a mildewcide after the sun.
  5. Scientific prevention and control of epidemic diseases: Many diseases may occur after the disaster. At this time, farmers must pay attention to disease prevention, immunization, regular disinfection, preventive management, etc. Farmers should carry out their work according to the actual situation and strengthen the monitoring of chicken flocks after the disaster.


The above is what the chicken cage manufacturers can share for the farmers. I hope that the farmers can learn useful knowledge of poultry farming.