Monday, 06 December 2021 09:46

What poultry farming equipment is needed for intensive farming?

With the continuous development and progress of poultry farmers, intensive breeding has become a trend. The emergence of various types of poultry equipment has enabled farmers to realize scientific and modern intensive breeding mode, which not only reduces labor costs, but also improves breeding efficiency. So what poultry farming equipment is needed to realize intensive farming?


Poultry cage system. It can be used in laying hens, broilers and chicks. There are two types: stepped and stacked. In order to make full use of poultry houses and increase the number of breeding, now poultry farmers are more willing to choose poultry cages to carry out breeding projects.


Poultry drinking water system. Water is an indispensable substance for every chicken, so no matter what type of chicken farms need drinking water equipment, drinking water equipment is divided into many types, nipple type, cup type, tower type, trough type, etc., from water conservation and Considering the prevention of bacterial contamination, the nipple drinker is an ideal water supply device. Drinking nipples are distributed on both sides of the chicken coop to ensure that each chicken can drink clean water.



Poultry manure removal system. With automated manure removal equipment, farmers no longer have to worry about this troublesome thing. Chicken manure is cleaned on time, the air in the chicken house is fresh, and the chickens will not easily get sick. Therefore, the role of manure removal equipment in the intensive farm is very important.


The poultry egg collection system is a device used to collect eggs. It is suitable for laying hen farms. It replaces the time-consuming and laborious manual egg picking in the past, improves work efficiency, and can be adjusted according to needs to reduce damage. With the egg collector, all the eggs can be collected in one place for the farmers to process, which is convenient and fast, and improves efficiency.


The above seven kinds of equipment are what the editor tells for farmers to realize intensive farming. These types of equipment are relatively common and commonly used. Farmers can make a reasonable choice according to their own chicken scale and actual situation. Laying chicken raising equipment improves the efficiency of raising chickens and increases the benefit of raising chickens.